7/31/22 - New Album Tracklist

My fingers are sore as hell from playing bass, and I smell like shit from sweating in a hot garage for a few days. I finished up most of the writing and demoing for the new album this weekend. I just have a couple things left to do - for example, editing out that dumb placeholder line about stealing a birthday cake from a child - and then we'll be ready to record. If all goes according to the plan, you'll have no idea what I'm talking about. I'm really excited about getting this record out and into your hands.

It's still untitled. However I will say that it's a concept album written from the perspective of a circular firing squad. You figure out what that means. For me, it's about trying to be better than the ones who came before you, and also about realizing how stuck you are to the ones who came before, even if you don't want to be. We'll see what you think. It's the culmination of a lifetime of trouble, sorted out over a bunch of campfires in the desert here in the Four Corners area.

Coming out from Pittsburgh to record us will be my good friend Trevor Richards of the stoner/doom metal band The Long  Hunt. I'm also going to be joined by drummer Mario Garcia from The Imperial Rooster, and lead guitarist extraordinaire Jered Davis of Midnight Backhand.

I'm struggling not to post a couple of these pre-session demos, but as soon as I can share something, I will. I think you're gonna like this one. I've never worked harder or been more honest on a record before this one. More info soon. Best I can do right now is offer up the tracklist. Thanks for your support. I'll catch you soon.

1 - Everything Follows This
2 - Crooked Teeth
3 - Somebody Else's Name
4 - Mama's Favorite Son
5 - I Took You Up the Mountain
6 - Old Farmhouse
7 - We Were Lurkers
8 - The Worst Part of Me
9 - Goddamnit, It's Christmas
10 - Scorched Earth
11 - Black Heart


"When God picked up some old ball of shit did he know he was making a man?"

-Crooked Teeth

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