From the recording Scorched Earth - Black Heart


Crawl into my skin for a couple of days
And find out how it feels to be a rattlesnake
A poisonous tooth with a short little fuse
Crying nobody knows my pain

All I thought that I needed was to be far away
But it turns out there’s no place where everything changes
If I was not so bitter, then I’d be afraid
I’d have no idea who I am

At the top of the mountain, I still feel the same
And the sun burnt my skin in the desert for days
There must be a reason it’s always this way
The way that you made it is the way it will stay

Crawl into my skin for a couple of days
No end, no beginning, it’s always the same
When he’s shedding his skin, a rattlesnake is
Exactly the same way that he’s always been

The thoughts inside of my head they are dark
And the voice which I speak to myself with is sharp
Though it’s mine, I can’t tame it or just shut it down
And everything else follows this
Everything else follows this