From the recording Scorched Earth - Black Heart


I’ve spent half my life trying to figure out
What the hell the other half was all about
I can’t take it no more

I wish that I could just blow away
Like a tumbleweed gone without a trace
Into different skin and another face
With somebody else’s name

Yeah, you know how it goes when you sold your soul
Back when you were still just too young to know
How the years would fly, leave you behind
And all you got to show is the debt that you owe

When they were never on your side at home
They raised you up to be alone
They taught you with a balled up fist and said
Go and figure this shit out on your own

But the real question is what are you gonna do about it, Boy?
You just gonna sit around complaining and waiting to die?
Or maybe you could count up all the reasons, why you couldn’t
Just couldn’t give it a try.

Just a little patch of woods and a farmhouse ghost
You found your dead dog in a ditch by the side of the road
There’s a Bible verse nailed up to a post
Below it hung a little note that says

How much will you wager, neighbor
I'm a bigger piece of shit than you ever dreamed

What can you do when you ain't got a shot
When the best that you could just wasn't enough
I think I better take a ride out tonight
'Til it's so dark I can crawl out of my head
Try to forget who I am