1. Old Farmhouse

From the recording Scorched Earth - Black Heart


A long and lonesome time ago
In the foothills down in Ohio
In an old farmhouse I raised three boys

The first one always tried to please
The second could talk his way out of anything
The third one was on everybody’s side

My wife would alternate between
Loving them and hating me
And hating them and loving me again

There were children stuck
Inside the walls and every night
You could hear them claw
Go back to bed, it’s in your head
It’s just some rats I said

In the basement there the floor was dirt
A meat hook hung and it sometimes swung
All by itself like a pendulum and when the lights were off
You’d hear the diesel run

I’d come home from work and the kids were scared
Naked in my favorite chair and I’d read out loud
From the Bible to them

But none of my three boys were spared
We’d beat ‘em with a broken chair
I knew we’d always be together