From the recording Scorched Earth - Black Heart


All the little animals are doing what they know
The gnashing of teeth when there’s blood in the fur
All the parts are equal and they make up a whole
If I was artificial Id have no way to know

I was just a honeybee who never learned that peace
Was out among the wildflowers that blossom in the spring

I only knew how to sting and I knew I was the best
And if it killed me in the end
Well, there ain’t nothing in this life
That satisfies like self defense

Let’s go piss on the graves in the cemetery
'Til the ground lights up red and blue and green
Was it a vision or was it just a bad dream
Pinned down in the chaparral by a hand unseen

Is it even worth speaking if no one’s listening
The closer you look the less you can see
I tried to find someone else to blame
But every finger pointed at me

So I lie motionless while the night birds scream
My name across the sky
My father was a joyless piece of shit and so am I

The worst part of you is the worst part of me
Quit pretending you’re sleeping, I know you can see
I‘ve had something to say to you for a long time
But I could never get through

The lessons we learned over and over again
We’ll pass them down again just like the ones before us did

How are you so strongly opposed
To what just yesterday defined you
You left nothing for me to do
But turn my back on you

Well, we come from a place
Where you’re made to lay
Awake most every night
I know you feel the same way about me
But at least I can say I’ve tried

I've been dragging the devil around by the horns for all my life
It’s fucked up what they did to you, but I’m so tired of this fight
I'm so tired of this fight