From the recording Scorched Earth - Black Heart


In the bed of a beat up old Chevrolet we ride
I didn’t have any kind words left to say, so I kept it all inside
Brother, oh my brother what made you this way

We counted the stars 'til they all went away
How could you forget that we’re from the same place
Now you’re looking at me like you think I’m the cause of your pain

You walk in the door, the dog starts to tremble and shake
No one says a word, but goddamn it, it’s Christmas day
If you were anyone else I swear I’d put you in your place

You’re drunk in the morning and already starting a fight
You must think I’m an idiot, I see what you’re not even trying to hide
I guess I was wrong for thinking we were on the same side
I doubt that you will but I’ll be here if you change your mind