1. Scorched Earth

From The Recordings Html


I just need some time
To empty out my mind
And start all over somewhere far away

Leave this place behind
Where you’re made to stand in line
With every last mistake you ever made

While everyone around you has got their teeth gnashing
Over nothing lashing out and always losing ground
Choose every battle boy cause everything’s worth fighting for
You can die on every hill if you never back down

But you’d better lock the door tonight
I’m standing right outside
You took it past the point of going back
I talk enough for both of us, you don’t speak for me
The loudest mouth raging in your street

Yes, I’ve got the right always looking for a fight
Everybody else is just like me
You think I don’t deserve the very air I breathe
And I am not concerned with how you feel

I quit counting the days behind me
The horizon don’t do much for me no more
The stars come out when it’s too dark to go outside
I couldn’t save it, so I tore it down

And even with my eyes wide open, everything is blurring into one
I wish that I had wings like the vulture
Judging everyone from up above

He won’t even see it coming
I woke up one day and burnt the fucker down
Knee jerk scorched earth, only one of us can be
The biggest asshole in this town

High horse, so tall. Prove me right. Prove you wrong.
There’s nothing left to lose.

You don’t want help out of that hole
I gave my hand, you just pulled
So I’m coming down there with you