1. Black Heart

From the recording Scorched Earth - Black Heart


I used to feel the mountains leaning in a little bit closer
To whisper in my ear you better live a little bit slower
The river still flows by me. It’s just running lower lately,
And the flowers die off sooner every year

The birds flew south, they never came back
My heart is still beating but I can feel turning black
How much does it take to just let go and walk away
There ain’t nothing left anyway

My heart is black

And so the canyon walls stand high above me
Where the mountains the desert meet as one
The tumbleweeds blow in and go on their way again
And for a moment I am right where I belong

But just when you found someone
You knew you should have been
It’s never very long before they
Come for you again
And there’s nothing you can do
But finally let ‘em win
Until they know they did
They’ll never quit

One by one I watched them go
Insisting they were never gone
Return someone I never met
And never would again
While the only one who should have gone
Can’t stand the skin he’s living in
And it’s so far past the point of moving on